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450 Gipsy Lane, Leicester, LE5 0TB

Charity No.: 1119027

Tel: 0116 2769186

450 Gipsy Lane,  Leicester, LE5 0TB

Leicester & Leicestershire Irish Forum

The Leicester & Leicestershire Irish Forum has, for the last 10 years, supported the Irish community throughout the city and county. It was created as a direct need for the Irish community to identify gaps in service provision from statutory agencies and to ensure that the community continued to support each other. Our main objectives are to act as a signposting, supporting and advocacy service that is lead and directed by the every changing needs of the community, for example the needs of elders differs from the needs of the young and our new arrivals. We are an ‘open door’ agency whose only agenda is to reflect the needs of our community.


We provide a variety of outreach support services and this includes services for the members of the Travelling communities - helping them with responding to letters and accessing other statutory agencies such as schools for their children. This work is mainly carried out by volunteers whom are supported by the Development Worker, who is funded by the Emigrant Support Program (Irish Government).


L.L.I.F are here to support, advise and give guidance to all those who consider themselves Irish.


Supporting Irish Elders


• Help access and support: Social Services, Hospitals, Irish pensions and housing etc.


• Helping Irish Elders when returning to Ireland.


• Providing social opportunities.



One to one support


• Committed to helping any person within the community who needs support and advice.


• Whether you are an Elder or just arrived to attend university, second/ third generation or have just moved over.


Please call Brendan Grady our Elders Development Worker for more information on 07936358383 or 0116 2769186




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