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450 Gipsy Lane, Leicester, LE5 0TB

Charity Number: 1119027

Tel: 0116 2769186


Address: 450 Gipsy Lane,  Leicester, LE5 0TB

The Emerald Centre

Bringing the community together


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Funded by:

The Emigrant Support Programme


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    450 GIPSY LANE, LEICESTER, LE5 0TB      0116 2769186      

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The celebrations in Leicester continue....

The Emerald Centre was awarded with the Danaher & Walsh Cup from The Leicester Irish Society in recognition of an outstanding achievement towards the promotion of general welfare and cultural life of the Irish Community in Leicestershire.

The Emerald Centre

Annual Random Bike Ride

Belfast to Donegal 2017


Our 3 Spring Chickens Tony Cusack Noel Melvin & Declan McNicholl have taken to their bikes to take on another challenge for the centre.... Starting at Belfast and cycling 270 miles to Stroove, Co Donegal. Ireland. Support our cyclists and encourage them along by donating.


Please check out our video below and what they are raising money for and donate if you wish.... Enjoy.


The lads set off this morning so we will keep you posted an their journey.