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450 Gipsy Lane, Leicester, LE5 0TB

Charity No.: 1119027

Tel: 0116 2769186

450 Gipsy Lane,  Leicester, LE5 0TB

Our Emerald Centre Groups  

We are proud of all our groups which have formed, developed and blossomed over the years which gives people the opportunity to continue to celebrate and keep their Irish Heritage & Culture.


Emerald Walkers Mondays 10.30 - 3pm 

Every Monday between 15 - 20 Senior Citizens hit the road on a new adventure. After a tea or coffee and a catch up after their weekend antics they hop on the bus and head out to a destination either within Leicestershire or branch our to other neighbouring cities such as Nottingham, Derby or even Stafford for a walk. The walk lasts about an hour and you can go at your own pace.


After their walk the seniors head to a local pub to refuel and talk about the adventure they had just been on. Most recently the walkers took to the water and were able to cruise along the carm and peaceful canal through Staffordshire on a Narrowboat.  



Emerald Seniors Club Wednesday 12noon - 2.30pm

Our Seniors club has been growing in strengh over a number of years. With the help of our Volunteers we are able to cater for 70 - 80 people every wednesday. From 12.30pm you will hear laughter throughout the centre as in one room Arm Chair Aerobics takes place led by our full of life Irish Bernadette and in the other people are starting to get hungry. The old time favourite Bingo and Raffle takes place after a lunch whilst reminising over the good old Irish music playing in the background with an odd few even waltzing down the aisle after a few refreshments from the bar.









Irish 'Gaelic' Language Class Thursday 8pm

Every Thursday from 8pm our meeting room is used by the Irish Language Class.

From beginners to the more advanced everyone is welcome.

For more information please call Annie Gallagher on 07576286995.




Irish Studies Workshop (Library)

Grand opening date - Sunday 19th August 2018 -

More details to follow.


Emerald Cafe  

Runs every Friday apart fom the first Friday of the month. Meet new people or come and grab a table with a friend.

This is our newest project which is community driven.

A small range of menu choices and cakes are availble to accompany your tea/coffee.

11am - 2.30pm





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