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450 Gipsy Lane, Leicester, LE5 0TB

Charity No.: 1119027

Tel: 0116 2769186

450 Gipsy Lane,  Leicester, LE5 0TB


The Emerald Centre is committed to encouraging equality, inclusion and creating better lives for all. We stand in solidarity with those who condemn the brutal killing of African-American George Floyd and fully support the Black Lives Matter movement protesting his killing and wider injustices.


The BAME community members face racism and discrimination every day. The call to action is to encourage our members to not only stand up and condemn racism but to be actively anti-



- Engage with #blacklivesmatter on social media

- Engage with BAME colleagues and service users to understand their reality – such as relaxing lockdown measures increases the likely hood of members from the BAME community to die 4 x times more than their white colleagues

- Research and talk about the trauma that is inherently embedded in the lives of BAME friends

- Listen to what you hear! And challenge discrimination (people are more comfortable to challenge people who push into the queue at the supermarket, then they are to defend the rights of Black people) DON’T BE that person.


Lets contribute actively to the conversation for change. The change will be slow coming and we commit to it for the long-term. We support the call for an overhaul of policing practices in the UK, USA, and other societies world-wide where Black people and other minority ethnic people are discriminated against because of the colour of their skin.


We Pledge to


To revise our website to increase visibility of BAME members across all

communications channels in order to improve representation across the website and social media channels.

To encourage our service users to learn and engage more through literature to increase understanding and awareness of racist and discriminatory practices.

WE pledge to be the change that we wish to see.

We encourage members to get in touch with further suggestions and feedback.



Emerald centre call to action