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450 Gipsy Lane,  Leicester, LE5 0TB

Another Tale to Tell


March 2015

Another Tale to Tell update: An exciting Heritage Lottery Funded project


Are you interested in History?

Perhaps you want to learn new skills?

Do you have any spare time and want to make new friends and do something productive at the same time?

Then “Another Tale to Tell” is the project for you to get involved in.

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to work alongside young people and help to collate valuable materials about the histories of Irish elderly people in our communities.

You will take part in workshops that will help young people research, interview, record and edit film footage that will be produced into a DVD as well as help produce learning materials for schools.

You will be guided by a professional film makers and researchers and any out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.


Then please get in touch with the office on 0116 276 9186 or come along to the first meeting on 1st March at The Emerald Centre @ 6.00pm.


April 2015

Another Tale to Tell update:        

In March, Another Tale to Tell project recruited 5 volunteers who will promote up and coming activities of the project to members of their community. Also, young people from Gateway College will be attending workshops with the volunteers to learn about the importance of heritage and what the impact of this project can on elders, young people and the wider community.

The schedule of workshops is listed below:    


1                9 April 2015        The Emerald Centre

2              23 April 2015        Gateway College

3                7  May 2015        Sacred Heart Church

4               21 May 2015        The Emerald Centre

5          8 October 2015        The Emerald Centre

6        22 October 2015        The Emerald Centre

7    12 November 2015        Sacred Heart Church

8   26  November 2015        The Emerald Centre

9      3 December  2015        Sacred Heart Church

10  17 December 2015        The Emerald Centre


June 2015

Another Tale to Tell update :      

As we approach the summer holidays, the volunteers and young people have attended four workshops focusing on Irish culture; how to become an oral historian; interviewing skills and recording and archiving materials.

During the following months, there are a series of social events scheduled to take place at The Emerald Centre and at The Sacred Heart Church, enabling Irish elderly people to attend and socialise. The events will hopefully help to evoke memories and stories of early migration and the impact that this had on the lives of the Irish elderly and the communities where they lived.

The first of the events is scheduled to take place at The Emerald Centre on Friday 19 June at 7.00pm. There will be free food and tea/coffee available as well as traditional Irish music. Alcoholic drinks may be purchased at the licensed bar on the premises. All are welcome.


July 2015

Another Tale to Tell update:              

The project hosted it’s first social event in June and was attended by various members of the local community, Irish and non-Irish. The event was enjoyed by all with many people coming forward , eager to be interviewed for the DVD.

The project will concentrate on scheduling appointments with participants to either record their stories in their homes or wherever, it is more convenient for the interviewees.

If you didn’t attend the event in June and want to come along to the next one, here are the details:

Friday 17 July @ The Emerald Centre @ 7.00pm till 11.00pm. 


August 2015

Another Tale to Tell update:      

The social events continue to be attended by more and more people. The event in July saw members of the same family coming out to socialise and catch up with folks from their past.  This project is proving to be intergenerational, providing opportunities for people to meet up in social settings. Many 2nd and 3rd generation Irish members commented that they really appreciated the opportunity to bring their elderly relatives to such an event.

The project’s volunteers and staff also hosted a special lunch for the Senior Citizens from the Irish Society in Liverpool , where up to 50 senior citizens were welcomed to The Emerald Centre and enjoyed listening to traditional Irish music and Bingo.

The project is still looking for 1st generation Irish people to be interviewed and to record their stories.

If you know of anyone or are a 1st Generation Irish person, then please get in touch on 0116 276 9186.

The next social event is scheduled to take place on Friday 21 August 2015 at The Emerald Centre @ 7.00pm till 11.00pm

Volunteers and sessional staff of the project also attended workshops to help grow their confidence and learn about reminiscing and recording.


September 2015  

Another Tale to Tell update:            

The project is coordinating its activities with The Emerald Centre’s annual trip to Ireland. Some of the participants who have been interviewed and volunteers involved in recording their stories will be going on holiday with a group of 50 senior citizens. This initiative will prove to be a trip down memory lane and will provide another opportunity for members to reminisce and allow volunteers and staff to capture valuable data and memories. The trip is scheduled to take on 13th to 20th September.



October 2015

Another Tale to Tell update:              

The project is keen to meet and interview 1st Generation Irish elderly. If you know of anyone who is willing to be part of this really important project or are a 1st Generation Irish resident, please do get in touch.

There is an opportunity for you to participate even if you do not wish to be interviewed. Perhaps you have some photographs or memorabilia that you would like to share? We would love to see them.

Get in touch or simply come along to our social events at The Emerald Centre on :

Friday 16 October @ 7.00pm till 11.00pm.

Friday 20 [email protected] 7.00pm till 11.00pm


November 2015

Another Tale to Tell update:              

Interviews continue to be recorded of 1st Generation Irish Elders.

As well as the regular once a month Friday night social events, volunteers and staff ran a tea and coffee morning in October at The Emerald Centre to provide further opportunities for participants to get together and share their stories. The event was organised and run by the volunteers

Insert coffee morning photos:

The next social event is scheduled for Friday 20 November @ 7.00pm till 11.00pm at The Emerald Centre.


December 2015

Another Tale to Tell update:        

The project will once again collaborate its activities this month by joining the Emerald Seniors Club at at their annual Christmas luncheon Club at the Emerald Centre. The projects volunteers and staff will be involved in making contact with the project’s participants who may wish to come along to the special Christmas lunch.

A tea dance is scheduled to take place in January 22nd 2016 between 1.00pm till 3.00pm , with traditional Irish musicians,  free food, tea and coffee.  Please contact the office to ensure your place is booked or if you require transport to the event.



January 2016

Another Tale to Tell update:        

The project’s volunteers and staff will be hosting a tea dance for the project’s participants on January 22nd at The Emerald Centre between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.  The tea dance will rekindle fond memories for our seniors who have attended the project over the last six months and who have made a huge contribution to the project’s development. The tea dance will become a regular feature in future events.

The project is completing it’s final interviews and will be editing the final cut of the DVD.  Any 1st Generation Irish Senior Citizens who wish their memories to be recorded should contact The Emerald Centre immediately on 0116 276 9186.


February 2016

Another Tale to Tell update:  

The project will be hosting an Irish Stew afternoon on Friday 5 February at The Emerald Centre, between 12.30pm to 3.30pm.  Participants are welcome to bring photographs and memorabilia to share with other members. Transport is available, so please call l 0116 276 9186 to request to be collected.

Another Tale to Tell DVD will be presented at the Y Theatre, 7 East St, City Centre, Leicester LE1 6EY on Sunday 28 February at 3.00pm.  The participants, their families and friends will be attending as well as the volunteers, young people and staff.  There will be traditional Irish music and dancing presentations and all welcome. Tickets can be purchased from the Y Theatre booking office on 0116 255 7066 for £3.00 or from The Emerald Centre.

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